EPIRB Maintenance Requirements

EPIRB Maintenance Requirements 

MSC Resolution 152(78) modified Regulation IV/15. 9 of reference (b) to read as follows:

 “9. Satellite EPIRBS shall be:

.1 annually tested for all aspects of operational efficiency, with a special emphasis on checking the emission on operational frequencies, coding and registration, at intervals as specified below:

.1 on passenger ships, within three months before the expiry date of the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate; and

.2 on cargo ships, within three months before the expiry date, or three months before or after the anniversary date of the Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate.

.2 subject to maintenance at intervals not exceeding five years, to be performed at an

approved shore-based maintenance facility.”

Source: LISCR Marine Notice SAF-001 Rev. 06/12 

(This article is for informational purposes only.)


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